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As your coach we will look at where you want to be, followed by where you are today. We then set a plan of how you are going to get from one to the other by setting goals – which i will hold you accountable for. This is key for growth as it is all too easy to get snowed under IN your business instead of taking the time to work ON your business.

I will be there to support you because having run my own business for 17 years – I understand.

 You may be able to survive in business without the help of a Coach, but it’s almost impossible to thrive…

Why you need a Coach

As a fellow business owner, I fully understand the determination, persistence, expertise and, quite frankly, blood, sweat and tears that goes into, not only, running but growing a profitable business that gives you a healthy work life balance. I have gained the knowledge and skills to help you apply the correct strategies and tactics to grow a successful business that gives you more life choices. As an ActionCOACH I will help you align values and visions to get your business to the next level. I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and be a sounding board to help challenge new ideas. As a team we will identify personal and business obstacles and create an action plan to overcome them. Coaching is not for the faint hearted, it takes hard-work and commitment but the rewards are worth it.

Some people think having a business coach means you don’t know what you’re doing, but they couldn't be more wrong. How many top athletes do you know that don’t have a coach? Their performance is vastly improved by having one. It keeps them at the top of their game. If you do the same thing every day, you can’t expect your business/life to improve. Take action. Lets have a fresh look at your business.

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Hear the Success Stories

"Just six months later my business takings have increased by 166%, I only work 37 hours per week, my team has changed for the better and work is fun. What are you waiting for?"

Dr Sara Brookes, Spiro Chiropractic Health and Sports Injury Centre

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Who is Tanya Hill

A motivational professional and a business owner for 17 years, highly experienced in starting and taking businesses to their potential.

Wide ranging first hand understanding, knowledge and experience of the practicalities of running and growing businesses.

Wealth of business experience in Manufacturing and Operations, Domestic and Commercial Business Development and Sales, Strategic Planning and Finance, Leadership, Recruitment and Training, having started a business and growing it so it runs without her now.

Understanding the importance of building a business that competes on value NOT price

Respected adviser to companies of all sizes, from start ups to large companies.

A respected mentor and lateral thinker who enjoys the challenges of finding solutions to tough business problems.

Tanya is committed to her family and she practice what she preaches , having a healthy work life balance.